Who we are


አባ ባሕርይ መድረክ

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

ራዕይ፣ ተልዕኮና ዐብይ ተግባሮች

WHO WE ARE: ማንነትምክረ-ሃሳብ አፍላቂ

Abba Bahrey Forum (ABF) is an informal and non-partisan group whose primary goals are to provide demand-driven ideas, strategies, and counsel to rights-based Amhara and kindred civic organizations. We also initiate timely studies and recommendations.

VISION STATEMENT:  ራዕይ፦አንድ አማራ ለነጻ አማራ

We aspire to see the Amhara live and prosper in a free and democratic Ethiopia that outlaws any preferences, distinction, or exclusion based on cultural identity among Ethiopians. Fulfilling this dream calls for effective engagement in public affairs by the Amhara fully conscious of their rights and responsibilities that befit a pedigreed people of Ethiopia.

MISSION STATEMENT: ተልዕኮ፦አንድ አማራ በአንድ ጥላ ስር

Our dual mandate is to advance the causes of Amharannet and Ethiopianwinnet in the framework of a united and democratic Ethiopia. Our strategic priority is to support the besieged Amhara to gain their rightful place in Ethiopian society.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: አላማዎች፦ጭብጥ ግቦችና ተግባሮች

Our work focuses on clear thinking and united action. To fulfill our vision, we undertake multifaceted tasks that are specific, measurable, and relevant.  They include: